School Council


 We at the Auckley School understand that the children's opinions and voices need to be properly heard. In order to do this, it is important to elect a select group of young individuals to represent each class properly and as such bring to the table any queries or concerns they may be having about the school. That is why we form a school council each year. Each class elect a pair of children (one boy and one girl) in order to speak for their fellow classmates in both formal and informal meetings. The council meet up at least once a week. They have helped with a number of events at the school over the last couple of years.

A suggestion box has also been installed so that pupils may properly submit any problems or queries they may be having in a secure place.  The school council will address these in their meetings.   

In order to achieve this transition of information between the pupils and the teaching staff, Miss Cooper acts as the school council co-ordinator, overseeing the council's meetings, offering help whenever they need it. 



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