School Clubs

Here at the The Auckley School, we place a strong emphasis and importance upon the development of your child academically and holistically. Throughout the year, we run a wide variety of interesting extracurricular clubs and activities which we believe may help advance and enthuse your child's appetite for learning as well as create an environment whereby they can express themselves beyond the reaches of the four walls within a traditional classroom setting. Be it football and basketball clubs, or even the school choir, many aspects of your child's creative interests are explored in order to help them achieve their potential.  

In the weeks following the half term break, a number of other clubs will also be running alongside the already existing ones featured in the newsletters below. Once these clubs have been finalised, newsletters will be sent out with the children as well as previewed on here. 

Auckley School Choir

Year 1 & 2 Football Club

Year 1 & 2 Football Club - Autumn 2016


Year 3 & 4 Basketball Club

Year 3 & 4 Basketball - Autumn 2016


 Year 4, 5 & 6 - Tag Rugby

Year 4, 5 & 6 Tag Rugby - Autumn 2016