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Auckley School

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Our Curriculum




It is our intent that children access a curriculum that is rich and ambitious. Our curriculum is initially rooted in our locality and our very young children explore our school grounds before moving on to find out about the village of Auckley and the locality. Later children move onto exploring the town of Doncaster then beyond. The locality is always the starting point for learning. Our curriculum is focussed on depth of learning, with sequences of learning planned for carefully so that learning sticks in the children’s long term memories. Rich, meaningful assessments are planned for at the end of these sequences. A strong global thread and sense of environmental issues runs through the curriculum. We want our children to understand the world around them and to make sense of current issues as they move through school. We want them to develop their sense of ethics and morality so that they feel able to contribute to their community and to society.


Six global themes underpin our curriculum:

  • Social Justice and equity
  • Identity and diversity
  • Sustainable development
  • Peace and conflict
  • Human rights
  • Power and governance

In order to achieve depth of learning, we plan for children to focus on three of these themes per year. Across each year group a number of high- quality core texts are used to bring the themes to life for our children. Each theme starts with a ‘hook’ to engage children and stimulate their curiosity such as a World War 2 day in Year 6. Each classroom has a topic table as a reference point for the children which contains artefacts, vocabulary and questions. The curriculum is designed to ensure that children will remember and connect the steps that they have been taught and focuses on content and sequence. New knowledge is always related to what they know already. Children are flooded with vocabulary which is revisited often in order that it goes into their long term memories. Oracy is at the heart of our curriculum and discussion, debate and communication are all carefully planned for so that our children learn to speak with confidence.

The learning environment is planned for in fine detail to enhance our curriculum and to make learning visible. It supports and challenges children and enables them to reflect on their learning.   Assessments have a clear purpose and are carefully planned for in order that each sequence of  learning is carefully assessed.


We monitor the impact of our curriculum closely to ensure that knowledge is systematic and cumulative over time. Subject leaders review learning and talk to children then provide feedback to teachers to move practice forward. We ensure that knowledge is ‘sticky’ and that facts are being retained and built upon. We ensure that learning is powerful and is being transferred into children’s long term memories using clear, purposeful assessments. We ensure that our children’s attainment and progress are at in line with or exceeding their potential. It is our aim to develop children that are well-rounded citizens with a clear understanding of values such as love, responsibility, tolerance, acceptance and friendship. We want our children to be able to make sense of an increasingly globalised, complex and rapidly changing world and to be able to make decisions for the right reasons and in the best interests of our community.