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Auckley School

Together we nurture, challenge & inspire

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School Contact Details: 01302 770701 (School Hours)

School Hours: 8.50am-3.35pm

After School Club Mobile Number: 07493724191

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Welcome to Auckley School

Auckley is a junior, infant and nursery school in the village of Auckley about six miles to the east of Doncaster. We are a one-form entry school with a nursery so have around 245 pupils in all. Most pupils come from the immediate area, although some attend from further afield as we are their school of choice.

Auckley is an exciting place with wonderful people in it.  Both staff and children work very hard here but we try to make it fun and always put the pupils first. 

The main school is a modern building. It is set in pleasant surroundings with a playground area to the rear of the school and a large field and our own wooded area beyond. Nursery is housed in the school and attended on a part-time basis. Breakfast Club and After School Clubs are held in the main school and pre-school use the older on-site building.

 Auckley School Vision

This school places “learning” at the centre. We aim to maximise the potential for all pupils to lead safe, happy, healthy and successful lives. At Auckley school we provide an environment that identifies pupil strengths in order for their individual talents to flourish. It is our belief that each child is special and we all have individual gifts and talents waiting to be discovered. We continually seek to remove barriers to learning and strive to help each pupil achieve the highest educational standards they possibly can. It is vital that the “learning” of all members within our school community matters. The adults too, who work in our school, present themselves as role models displaying a positive attitude to life long learning.

The well-being and happiness of our pupils is of major importance here at Auckley School. We stress the importance of valuing and respecting all individuals. Each child needs to see themselves as part of the wider school team and the school as part of the wider community. In order to work towards making this a reality it is important that the whole school staff, teaching and support, work together as a team, planning work rigorously and constantly monitoring and evaluating the outcomes. There is a cooperative and collaborative working culture in the school within which all individuals are valued and given opportunities for professional development.

It is important that learning in the school stretches our children and excites their imagination. We aim to offer a rich programme of learning where children learn different things in many different ways:

It is essential that all our children have the opportunity for self- expression. Children need to discover the power of creative arts and ample chances are given in the fields of arts, music and sport etc. We believe the arts are a powerful, and unique form of communication that can change the way pupils feel think and act. They also encourage active involvement in different forms of music making, dance, design and drama which help develop a sense of group togetherness and identity, while increasing self – esteem and confidence.

 Our Beliefs

The school’s vision is based on the following beliefs and expectations.

  • Each child is special – all have individual talents waiting to be  discovered.
  • Each learning journey starts and continues through building a child’s confidence and self – esteem.
  • Adults in the school display a positive attitude to their own learning and development.
  • All see themselves as part of a wider team and the school as part of the wider community. Every opportunity is taken to strengthen community links and celebrate our community.
  • We, as educationalists are privileged. We can make a difference to children’s lives – therefore our aim is to create interesting learning opportunities that excite the imagination.
  • Children should be given the chance to explore and discover the fields of art, music and sport. The arts are a powerful and unique form of communication and involvement in artistic and sporting events help develop a sense of group togetherness and identity while increasing self – esteem and confidence
  • Make the best of our learning environment. 


“Together we nurture, challenge and inspire”


At Auckley School we seek to:

  • Be welcoming at all times
  • Promote a high level of trust in each other.
  • Provide a stimulating and colourful learning environment.
  • Create a safe, secure and happy school.
  • Offer exciting learning opportunities.
  • Uphold an ethos that values inclusion and understanding of others.
  • Develop a life long love of learning.
  • Celebrate everyone’s strengths and achievements.

 Our children will be encouraged to:

  • Always do their best.
  • Be kind to each other.
  • Be friendly and polite to visitors in our school.
  • Be able to count on each other.
  • Be happy and safe in school.
  • Show and share how good they are.
  • Show understanding towards each other.